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Prospector Loans

Directions for ordering through Prospector:

  • Search for your item in AspenCat. If your item is not available in AspenCat, at the bottom of the page you should see "Available Items In Prospector" and a button "See more results in Prospector. Choose Alliance - AspenCat Libraries"
Screenshot of Available Items In Prospector area
  • Click the "See more results" button
  • A new tab will open with results related to your search. The title of the item is clickable for more information, or you should see a button "Request it"
  • Click "Request it" button
  • A new window will open. For the drop down "With which institution are you affiliated?", select "Alliance - AspenCat Libraries", then choose the button "Submit above information"
  • Enter your name and library card number
  • Choose Ridgway Public Library as your Pickup Location
  • Click "Submit" button

When the requested item arrives at the library, you will be notified by the email address linked to your library card, or phone number, if there is no email address.

Lending library materials will be held for seven (7) days after the patron has been notified that the material has arrived. On the eighth (8th) day the material will be recalled by the lending library.

Prospector items come from libraries outside of our AspenCat alliance. They may take longer to arrive, and they have different check out rules, so you may not  be able to have them checked out as long as AspenCat or local items

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