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October 21, 2022


Ridgway Public Library

Board of Trustees Regular Meeting

October 21, 2022 at 1:07 p.m.

300 Charles Street

(A zoom link was provided for those who wished to join)

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by secretary Sally Trapp. Trustee Trapp noted that she has been asked to conduct the meeting due to President Richard Tucker’s recent resignation.

PRESENT: Trustees Julie Duff, Sandy Hennessy, Dickson Pratt, Sally Trapp, Jenny Williams, Library Director Amy Baer and Plaindealer reporter Kylea Henseler. Rosemary Esty, trustee Jeff Pryor and Alison Etheridge joined on Zoom.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Secretary Trapp noted correction of spelling and Dickson Pratt moved to approve the minutes and Jenny Williams seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 at 1:p.m.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment. See volunteer Rosemary Esty’s comments in action item number one below.

FRIENDS UPDATE: Trustee Jenny Williams reported that Friends will reveal their new logo during their upcoming meeting in November. They will mail out an appeal letter early November in the hopes of raising several thousand dollars. Friends is actively looking for a treasurer.

1. Long time library volunteer Rosemary Esty read and submitted a letter in recommendation of naming the children’s library for Kristen Moberg’s grandson, Benicio Chavez-Moberg in honor of Kristen’s request upon retirement. Trustee Williams expressed support from Friends and there is no conflict with other potential donors for this honor. Trustee Duff moved to honor Kristen’s request and Sandy Hennessy seconded the motion. Motion passed.
2. Discovery Garden maintenance costs and management will be discussed at next Friends meeting.
3. Pergola update. Director Baer reported email indicating damage to the pergolas in shipping which will delay receipt of the items until after Thanksgiving. The manufacturers have given the library a $500 credit due to the inconvenience.
4. FAMLI-POLICY options were presented by Dickson Pratt. Trustee Hennessy moved that Ridgway Public Library provide the employee share of the payment annually in the amount of .45% of each employee’s wages. Trustee Williams seconded the motion. Motion passed.
5. Hockersmith & Whitmore engagement letter was discussed. Once we engage them, we will not pay until we use their services. Trustee Williams moved to accept the letter of engagement and Trustee Duff seconded. The motion passed.
6. Hockersmith & Whitmore invoice of $200 was approved by a motion from Trustee Pratt and seconded by Trustee Williams. Motion passed.
7. Library Director employment agreement discussion concluded that Director Baer would submit said agreement to the State Library, specifically Anna Szczepanski, for review.
8. Records Retention and Request Policy was discussed regarding the need for policy to be used as a procedural guide. Sally Trapp moved that we adopt the Records and Retention Policy and Jenny Williams seconded the motion. Motion passed. Director Baer stated she would like help purging appropriate items as she has found several documents that have exceeded their required retention dates.
9. Trustee Jenny William’s letter to library supporters and community members was discussed and suggested it also be sent by Friends to their email recipients. Trustee Trapp moved to approve the letter and post it to the library website as well as send it to Friends donor list and post it on library bulletin board. Hennessy seconded the motion. Motion passed.
10. Board Training will be conducted for all board members December 2, 2022 at 1:p.m. by trustee Hennessy.
11. Library Trifold brochure presentation was placed on hold to be re-visited in a couple of months.
12. SB32-88 Sexual Accountability Act discussed and Amy will look into fees for finger printing as well as specific policy to be in place. Further discussion set for a following meeting.

Treasurer Duff presented the 2023 draft for discussion and clarification. ( As noted on the agenda, Ridgway Public Library By laws section 4.10 requires a “Roll Call” vote during final approval in December.)

Director Baer reported continuing success in all children’s programs. Bar codes are still forthcoming for many books yet to be released. Inventory will ensure that every item in the library is accounted for. There is a handwriting coding process ongoing to allow the library to make magazines available in the interim. COVID test kits are still available and a total of 500 have been given to the public in the past month. A Colorado Department of Education grant was awarded to Ridgway Public Library in the amount of $5,000.00. The grant money will be used next year for the children’s area. Staff member Kelly is providing ongoing community outreach to the elementary school.

Renewal of date for announcing vacancy for new trustee was extended.

Secretary Sally Trapp moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:50. Trustee Williams seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Hennessy

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