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Summer Reading Challenge Begins

The Summer Reading Challenge for Children (up to 9 years old) and Tweens & Teens (10 through 18 years old) begins June 3rd and ends August 23rd.

The Children's age group (up to 9 years old) challenge is based on the number of pages read over the summer. The levels and prizes are as follows:

  • 1st challenge - 1000 pages - scratch off ticket for stuffie
  • 2nd challenge - 1000 more pages - puzzle, game, or book
  • 3rd challenge - 1000 more pages - gift card for ice cream from Cafe Ridgway A La Mode, or shaved ice from Snowbirds
  • 4th challenge - 1000 more pages - gift card for a pizza from Colorado Boy

To sign up for the Children's Summer Reading Challenge, please come in to the library and let us know at the front desk. Program is limited to 48 children. For more details, view this document:


The Tween & Teens age group (10 years through 18 years old) challenge is based on completing a bingo challenge. The bingo sheet is available to download here if you are not able to pick it up at the library.

blank bingo.pdf

Participants in either age group must have an active Ridgway Library Card. If your 10th birthday is during the summer, you may sign up for either age group but not both.


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